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We have a special affection for rag primitives—dolls born by people’s imagination, whose history goes back to extreme antiquity. A rag doll helps us to learn about the history and culture of the country, cherish traditions of communication, of passing on life experience and self-cultivation. It is a fine psychological task to extract senses of current importance for a modern person from the national tradition, to see human history and history of the society behind the schematic model of a doll’s image.

In our studio, you will see not only a wide variety of dolls and toys, but also ancient trunks, spinning wheels, traditional handmade objects. We invite you over to our place for theme-specific excursions and exhibitions on which we can keep you updated personally. Also we can conduct a lesson or hold a master class in school.

In our shop you can find rag dolls, toys for children, jewelry and ornaments based on Russian folk culture. All our products are made by hand from natural materials. It is always sincere and original gift.

Address: Leningradskiy prospect 80/30 (SOKOL subway station)

Contact telephone: 89030138641 (Vera Yarilina)



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Rag Doll Laboratory

Art therapy lessons in traditional fancywork for women are a possibility to take a closer look at and get a better understanding of the national culture, as well as a possibility to be alone with your thoughts and find answers to your questions.

Flavoured tea with blackcurrant leaves, hearty conversation, soothing fancywork, textile, ribbons, dolls, and their legends create an amazing atmosphere. Each weekly lesson is dedicated to a new topic, a new doll image and creates conditions for exploring your unconscious and becoming a bit easier, a bit lighter.

You can attend an individual or a group workshop at a time, which suits you and us. Just give us a call.

Mothers & Daughters Weekend Family Program

We suggest you to spend a nice and useful family weekend with us. Our lessons are dedicated to family and national traditions. Sometimes it is not easy to get on well with different generations or cultures. Our lessons with plays, folk rag dolls, myths, legends and conversations will help you to get along with your relatives and people surrounding you and learn more about society. It will be interesting for fathers and sons too.

Doll Houses

We are going to make cozy houses for our favorite dolls, learn traditions of home hospitality and national culture and master traditional kinds of fancywork: embroidery, sewing, knitting, weaving, and many others in the atmosphere of creativity and play.

We will learn a tradition of making rag dolls and will make an entire doll family. At the same time, we will get to know the national costume, the basics of textile plastic arts, will talk about family and national traditions and family’s images in different cultures.

We will use cardboard and fabric to make a house with a detachable roof where an entire family can be accommodated. You will master a skill of weaving, applique work, embroidery, and a range of stitches. We will talk about architecture, art of wooden building, and modern interior design, about space planning and personal borders.

The third part consists in developing the interior, i.e. making painted furniture, a patchwork quilt, a lyapak rug, folding screens, an embroidered towel, etc. We will discuss how to make the interior cozy, will define an interior style and housework, and talk about the influence of the urban fashion on the rural household.

Each lesson includes play, discussion, fancywork, and learning theme-specific materials. As a result, the participants of the course will exhibit their works as a Doll City.

The program lasts one year. There are no more than 10 people in each class.


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Lion House

This is a small private museum of folk monumental painting in Saratov region created by volunteers. The founder discovered rare and marvellous wall-paintings in a wooden house built in the end of the 19th century. The most charming hero of the paintings is a smiling lion. The main task of volunteers’ work is fundraising for restoration of the house as well as for development of the village where the house is situated.

Busy Grannies

This is our own project orientated on engaging women over fifty in active and creative life. The task of the project is to secure jobs for energetic grannies and involve them in socio-cultural interaction. We are convinced that each person has a right to have an interesting and loved job at any age and in any life situation.

In summer, grannies gather herbs, in winter they embroider towels, knit laces and items with ornament patterns. To get inspired and find new ideas they take part in fairs, visit museums and exhibitions with us. You can always find their goods in our studio.

Children and Crafts

This is a volunteer project on working with children at orphanage in Oryol city. We create craft studios that contribute to children’s creative development, teach them the basics of the profession, help to broaden their mind, become confident and feel secure about their future.

In our studio, you can see the results of their training in ceramic and sewing studios and find out the ways of collaboration and support..
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